Summertime Berry Salad with Vinaigrette
Here in Nova Scotia, we have a short growing season. That means that we go crazy about fruit when they[...]

I'm Marie. Just plain ... Marie, and I invite you to join me in what I call 'just plain LIVING' ... you could call it homesteading, or preparedness, or several other terms, but it all comes down to a sustainable, self-reliant life.

Sustainable, self-reliant living doesn't require 40 acres in the back woods. You can start today.

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Summertime Berry Salad with Vinaigrette
Summertime Berry Salad with Fresh Raspberry Vinaigrette - light, refreshing, seasonal way to cool off in the summer heat
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Why You Need to Eat Local and Seasonal Food (at least most of the time)
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Self-Defense Tips for Women That Won’t Get You Killed
If you are prepared, then a would-be assault and potential murder can be turned into a simple robbery, or a robbery can be deterred entirely.
Taking Sustainable Living to the Next Level
How do you know if you’re doing as much as you can do without dramatically changing the way you live your life and freaking out your entire household? How do you maximize your sustainable living without hitting the this-is-not-sustainable brick wall?