Welcome! I'm Marie and I'm so happy you're here.  Just Plain LIVING is homesteading. It's simplicity and back-to-basics living. You will definitely find survivalist and prepping posts.

Life doesn't happen in a vacuum! Your faithfood, mindset, and how you run your home are all related.

My goal is to help you live a life that is both sustainable and self-reliant. It really is just plain LIVING!

A Cabin Full of Food 2nd Edition

A Cabin Full of Food 2nd Edition

$29.00 USDeBook: $3.49 USD

A Cabin Full of Food is packed with almost 1000 "Grandma recipes", the ones you thought were lost forever, and makes scratch cooking easy enough for even a beginner. Simple ingredients from garden or farm, simply prepared and preserved in your own home. Cook like Grandma, save like Grandma! Five star rating on Amazon - get your copy today in paperback or Kindle.

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