Whether you’re okay with GMO foods or you’re not (and if you’re here, you’re probably not), we all want to KNOW if we’re eating genetically modified foods or not. We all want to know the ways to avoid GMOs and other undesirable food elements.


Of course I’m right.

We like to know what we’re eating and make our own decisions about it. Unfortunately that can be hard if you live in a country that doesn’t have mandatory labeling. #forshamecanada

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So just how do we avoid GMO foods?

Buy Products That Are Non-GMO Certified

Your first step is going to be looking to see if the products are certified as non-GMO by the USDA. In the United States, products that are certified as non-GMO will usually have a seal near the ingredients or prominently displayed on the front of the packaging.

This means that the USDA has investigated the product, and allowed it to be sold after reaching a standard. Many of these products will be available at your large chain stores, and areas where they are popular.

In Canada, labeling is completely voluntary, but sites like the Non-GMO Sourcebook can help you find products and retailers that are verified as non-GMO.

Buy Foods from Non-GMO Companies

One very blanket way to make sure that nothing you have is GMO, would be to buy foods that come from companies that never use GMO foods to begin with.

They are likely to be certified as organic or non-GMO.

These companies stick to farming methods that are more consist with modern versions of traditional farming. A large portion of these companies will only have products in specialty stores, but with the rising interest in fringe medicines, veganism, and organics, these types of stores have become more financially accessible for people.

Braga Organic Farms is an example of a company that sells only organic, non-GMO foods. Of course you can’t live on nuts and dried fruits alone, but it’s a great place to start.

Cook Your Own Organic Meals

People often underestimate the power of cooking for themselves.

This is one major way that you can always know exactly what you’re eating. A combination between prepackaged organic foods and organic vegetables you buy can  help you to quickly prepare healthy meals for yourself and loved ones.

Of course, if you want to take a break from cooking, you can even find meal delivery services that are organic and non-GMO, like Vegin’ Out. They are based in Los Angeles but deliver all over the United States.

But it’s much easier, and less expensive, to get a good from-scratch cookbook and learn some simple, classic recipes. Grandma cooked with farm fresh ingredients, and you can cook like she did, too!

A Cabin Full of Food 2nd Edition

A Cabin Full of Food 2nd Edition

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Plant Non-GMO Seeds

There are so many amazing seed companies out there selling non-GMO, usually heirloom, seeds. They are usually small companies started by people just like you who want safe, healthy food for their families. Plant your garden with non-GMO seeds and be sure to save your seeds at the end of the growing season.

That way, you can reduce the cost of buying various organic foods, and keep a good source in your own backyard – literally!

Seeds for Generations is a family-owned seed company in the United States. Jason and Shannon, along with their six homeschooled children, sell safe, heirloom, non-GMO seeds. They even have my favourite bean – Rattlesnake.

My friend Darcy has a list of her favourite non-GMO seed companies – check it out!

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Even if you aren't opposed to GMO foods, you want to know what you're eating. Here are four ways to avoid GMOs in your food.

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