Money Mastery

It's time to kick debt to the curb!

I've been there - not enough income and too much debt. We got out of it and I want to share some solid, practical tips on how you can get out of it, too. 99 pages packed with practical tips and actionable steps that really work.

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About the Book
  • Set up a realistic budget that you can stick to
  • Cut your living expenses without living like a monk and without sacrificing the lifestyle you desire
  • Save money for short term goals like vacations, renovations, and toys
  • Build wealth for long term goals like your children’s college tuition and your retirement
  • Refinance your mortgage, when it’s the best option for you (and when you absolutely need to avoid it!)
  • Get rid of debt once and for all, so you can start building up your financial assets
  • Improve your credit rating, even if you have debt
  • Protect yourself from identity thieves who can cripple your financial life
  • Make more money, even if you don’t get a raise
  • 28
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Money Mastery
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