You need a homestead cookbook!

You shouldn't need to make a grocery trip just to eat dinner, or dig through cookbooks full of "don't have that" and "where would I get that". Learn how to make good, frugal food with what you have in your pantry.

And if you don't have a pantry, learn how to create one that is filled with real food.


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Teaching The Classics

I am happy to announce that Lake Lili has agreed to be a regular contributor to Just Plain Marie. Please enjoy this month’s homeschooling article about teaching the classics – something I am just as passionate about!  This is a long article packed with information about classic English literature and how to teach it to […]

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Homeschooling For Your Child’s Passion

There are two ways to deal with a child who is passionately interested in one subject. The saddest and most unfortunate way is to discount and ignore it. The other is to embrace that passion and build your child’s education around it. My friend Lake Lili shares how she works with her son’s passion for […]

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