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Gratitude Can Help You Forgive

When we spend time taking note of everything for which we are grateful, and we consciously express that gratitude, our entire manner of thinking starts to shift.

The Beam In My Eye

Can you see to remove the speck of dust in another’s eye? Should you remove the beam in your own first? Far to often, the failings we see in others reflects our own.

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Why Forgiveness Is So Important (Day 4 of 30 Days to Forgiveness)

When we forgive, a self-built prison of anger and pain comes down and we move on with our lives. But what happens when we ignore forgiveness? When we hold onto anger, hurt, grudges and feelings of revenge, it prevents us from moving on. That means that end up feeling stuck and trapped in the anger.

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Count Your Blessings (Day 25)

Amazing things happen when you start to count your blessings. It’s so difficult to be angry and unforgiving when you see everything that is good in your life.

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