Fixing broken flashlight glass – you can do it with stuff you upcycle from the recycling bin! It’s easy and essentially free, both things that I really like.

Fixing a flashlight might seem a bit old school, but the fact is most preppers and homesteaders have at least a few of these around the house. We keep one in every room, and then a large stockpile of them by the basement door where they’re easy to find.

Your phone battery might die, but an old-fashioned flashlight with a supply of D cell batteries is a great thing. We use our flashlights during power outages, rescues, finding your way around the basement or even getting to and from the barn in the night. So what do you do when the glass breaks? A broken flashlight glass makes the whole thing useless.

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Fixing a broken flashlight glass might seem a bit old school, but the fact is most preppers and homesteaders have at least a few of these around the house. #diy #repair #upcycle

Flashlights have so many varieties that you are sure to find one that is reliable when you need it. Solar-powered flashlights, with battery backup, or flashlights that stay plugged in and charged until need, are reliable and handy.

But as reliable as they are, we tend to use them in extreme conditions. They get dropped or banged, and sometimes that protective glass layer gets broken. While it’s certainly possible to use it when that happens, it’s dangerous and not ideal.

The good news is that you don’t need to trash your flashlight and buy a new one just because the protective glass is broken.

Let’s Fix Your Broken Flashlight Glass!

You can still recycle the pop bottle, by the way. Especially if it’s one you grabbed from your neighbour’s recycling bin.

supplies to fix flashlight


Gather all the materials needed for this quick fix tutorial:

  • a 2L PET pop bottle (if you’re American, I think you call it soda)
  • the flashlight with broken protective glass
  • a cutter
  • a black permanent marker or Sharpie
  • a pair of scissors
  • a hot glue gun

Someone told me recently that they like everything listed very methodically in steps. Let me know in the comments.

Bezel off

Remove the bezel from the topmost portion of the flashlight where the broken protective glass is located.

bezel off

Flashlight Glass off

Remove the broken protective glass from the flashlight.

glass off

Clean bottle

Remove the label of the soda bottle and clean the bottle.

clean bottle

Cut a circle

Trace the inner circle of the bezel onto the PET soda bottle using a permanent marker. The area with a flat surface should be considered for this, so that it will look like the original protective glass.

cut a circle

Don’t cut your hands

Cut the traced circle from the PET bottle using the cutter and please be careful to cut the bottle instead of your hands.

don't cut your hands

Tidy it up

Clean the sides of the plastic circle using the scissors.

tidy up

Glue it

Generously line the inner layer of the bezel with hot glue. This will be the stopper of the new plastic replacement, since the original protective glass is thicker than the replacement. Wait until the glue is completely dried up before proceeding to the next step.

Just to be really clear – you are NOT gluing the plastic into your bezel.

glue it

Put it in

When the glue has dried, place the circular plastic inside the flashlight bezel.

put it in

Put it on!

Return the bezel to the flashlight and then you’re done. You now have a new flashlight ready for use!

put it on

This is a quick and inexpensive hack that you can use to repair your flashlight. Instead of not using it because the broken flashlight glass is not safe anymore, you may as well create a better replacement for it.

This has the same luminosity as the original glass layer, so is a fantastic substitute. You can now fix all your broken flashlights without spending anything at all.

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