Essential oils for strep throatpeppermint, lemon, and oregano – can help ease your symptoms and help you get better faster.

Of all the bacterial infections I’ve ever had to deal with, my most hated is strep throat.

The infection feels like knives sticking into your throat, and you can’t swallow. In fact, it almost hurts to breathe.

As a child, I thought it was called “stripped throat” because isn’t that exactly what it feels like?

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Of course this is one ailment that doctors are quick to prescribe antibiotics to treat, since it’s bacterial and … well, dreadful. But do you really need antibiotics?


With the growing worries about antibiotic-resistant bacteria, it makes sense to look to natural remedies when we can. This doesn’t mean that we should avoid seeking medical care! Any time you try herbal remedies and the symptoms continue or get worse, seek the advice of a doctor.

It does mean, though, that some essential oils can ease strep throat symptoms and either prevent the need for antibiotics or help them to do their job better.

Limit yourself to 1-2 drops of these oils days, diluted in tea.

ALWAYS dilute essential oils that you are ingesting (and only ingest those that are known to be safe) – tea is a good liquid, milk is to be avoided. Do not give these oils to children or pregnant women unless directed by a licensed medical practitioner.

WebMD has a lot to say about oregano and peppermint oil.

Three Essential Oils for Strep Throat

Peppermint Oil

You probably already know that peppermint is a great oil – or tea – or bath – for headaches and sinus issues, but it’s also an amazing source of antibacterial medicine.

Pretty good, since once you plant mint in your garden, you’ll never get rid of it.

Peppermint is high in antimicrobial chemicals, which is great, and its menthol content helps you relax, which is better, at least when you have strep throat.

These are all great things, but one of the most important detail about peppermint is its ability to reduce inflammation in the digestive tract, which makes it a serious help when a person is suffering from inflammation of the intestines, or stomach. Each of these aspects can work together to make it easier for you to rest and heal from your strep infection.

Peppermint even works as an expectorant, helping the body to remove mucus.

Lemon Oil

We all know that lemon oil is amazing, right? There’s something about ‘lemon-fresh’ that makes us think clean, disinfected, healthy.

Well, it’s also great inside your body. (Think about all of those who swear by hot lemon water in the morning).

Lemon essential oil can stimulate the lymph system and can help you to begin lymph drainage.

It is extremely high in antioxidants, is a powerful anti-inflammatory and can kill bacteria and other microbes. This means that it will have a soothing effect on your throat, and anything it kills in your system will be carried to a disposal area to be removed from the body in an efficient manner.

A highly functional lymph system will also purge your body of old dead and dying cells.

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Oregano Oil

The first time someone told me about oil of oregano, I was skeptical. Wasn’t that just for cooking?

Turns out that oregano is more than just a great herb for flavouring food. It actually helps create a powerful barrier against sore throats.

Many studies have shown that oregano oil can kill some varieties of fungus and even guard against some viral infection.

In fact, one study even used it to kill MRSA, which is pretty amazing.

The best part – heating oregano oil doesn’t diminish any of its antibacterial and antimicrobial effects. That means you can gain its benefits even if it’s been added to hot food or tea … if you have strep throat, cautiously sipping hot tea might be where you’re at.

Again, do NOT avoid medical attention if you need it. Essential oils are marvelous but they do have their limits.

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Just Plain LivingEssential oils for strep throat - peppermint, lemon, and oregano - can help ease your symptoms and help you get better faster.

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