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Why Forgiveness Is A Choice You Make Every Day (Day 1)
Most people have very little actual understanding of what forgiveness is, why it should be part of your daily life, and who exactly forgiveness benefits.
Why Forgiveness Is So Important (Day 4)
When we forgive, a self-built prison of anger and pain comes down and we move on with our lives. But what happens when we ignore forgiveness? When we hold onto anger, hurt, grudges and feelings of revenge, it prevents us from moving on. That means that end up feeling stuck and trapped in the anger.
This Is What Forgiveness Is Really About (Day 14)
So exactly who is forgiveness all about? Well, it’s not about THEM! It’s not about that horrible boss, or your ex-spouse, or your abusive parents.
What Is Forgiveness? (Day 2)
Define your terms - I say this all the time because it's so important before you start something new. Before we can understand and implement forgiveness, we must agree on a definition. What IS forgiveness?
Mennonites and Modest Dress
One of the most defining – and obvious – characteristics of Plain people is their clothing. Mennonite modest clothing is immediately recognizable, . Let’s answer the question – why do the Mennonites dress like that?
Be Kind Instead Of Right (Day 26)
Too many misunderstandings and problems happen when we insist on being right instead of being kind.
Get Rid of the TV
Could you ditch the television for good? The benefits to your health and relationships are shocking.
Dealing with Holiday Tension When the Family Gets Together
Stress, togetherness & personal differences can make tempers fly during the holidays
Don’t You Think It’s Time To Take Back Control? (Day 9)
Forgiveness means taking control of your own future and destiny – or more importantly, removing that control from someone who may not even realize that they are controlling you.
Forgiveness Is A Process (Day 13)
Forgiveness starts as a decision, but it's a process. Learning to forgive can take a long time and a lot of tears and work. But it's worth it.
7 Ways That You Can Change the World
Many have dreams of making big changes in the world. The truth is that our little actions are what make the difference.
The Freeing Feeling Of Forgiveness (Day 8)
We often don’t realize just how much we’re held back by the pain, anger, grudges and resentment that we hold. By choosing to hold a grudge, we create a prison that keeps us trapped in those negative feelings.
Focus On The Growth (Day 28)
Yes, the end goal has been increased peace of mind and happiness, but to get there, we had to wade through all the ugly stuff first and work hard at forgiving it.
Starting The Process Of Forgiveness (Day 16)
Now that you understand the basics, it's time to start the process of forgiveness
Let’s Talk About Forgiving Yourself (Day 10)
In our forgiveness journey, it is hardest to forgive yourself. Until that is done, you are essentially stalled. It is that important.
The Beam In My Eye
Can you see to remove the speck of dust in another's eye? Should you remove the beam in your own first? Far to often, the failings we see in others reflects our own sins.
Treat Them Like Adults
So many women complain that their husbands are "just another child to take care". Guess whose fault that is?
Practice Makes Perfect (Day 24)
Like everything else in life, practice makes perfect when it comes to forgiveness. Even when you think you have it all under control, something will come up and you will need to practice again!
Gelassenheit – The Art of Peace Of The Soul
Gelassenheit is a strange German word with a powerful spiritual message about peace.