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Be Kind Instead Of Right (Day 26)
Too many misunderstandings and problems happen when we insist on being right instead of being kind.
Why It’s A Bad Idea To Ignore Forgiveness (Day 5)
When we choose to ignore forgiveness, we set our minds down a path of unhappiness. No matter the causes behind your hurt, choosing to ignore forgiveness is never the right answer.
Learn To Live In The Present (Day 29)
The past happens, and it has effects, but happiness comes from living in the present.
3 Christmas Classics and the Lessons They Can Teach Us
Christmas classic shows charm us and make us cry. But what can Scrooge - or Pinky and the Brain - teach us?
Gelassenheit – The Art of Peace Of The Soul
Gelassenheit is a strange German word with a powerful spiritual message about peace.
The Beam In My Eye
Can you see to remove the speck of dust in another's eye? Should you remove the beam in your own first? Far to often, the failings we see in others reflects our own.
Take Responsibility For Your Own Part (Day 27)
Seeing the situation from the other’s perspective can help us understand when we might not have a monopoly on being right.
Yes, You Can Have a Christ-Centered Christmas
A Christ-centered Christmas is possible. Let us begin with that, eliminate what takes us away from that and include what brings us toward that. Are you ready?
Forgiveness Is a Decision (Day 12)
Forgiveness is a decision, a choice that we must make daily. It is not an emotion, even though it does an affect on our emotions.
The Mystery of Giving – Prosper through Generosity
Consider sharing your time and money with others. You’ll be surprised by the benefits you receive by sharing your resources. 
Starting The Process Of Forgiveness (Day 16)
Now that you understand the basics, it's time to start the process of forgiveness
Why I Am Having an Easter Egg Hunt This Year
There are no Easter bunnies in the Bible, and no record of children painting eggs or hunting for baskets of goodies. But it's still suitable for a Bible-believing Christian household!
Practice Makes Perfect (Day 24)
Like everything else in life, practice makes perfect when it comes to forgiveness. Even when you think you have it all under control, something will come up and you will need to practice again!
The Connection Between Forgiveness & Depression (Day 6)
Forgiveness and depression - when we steadfastly choose not to forgive, we put not only our mental health at risk but also that of those around us.
Appropriate Chores for Children of All Ages
Appropriate chores for children can seem hard to understand. Here is what children can do at various ages.
How to Make Every Meal a Feast (Even When You’re Broke)
The simplest meal can feel luxurious if a bit of time and attention is taken. Make every meal feel like a prince's feast.
The Freeing Feeling Of Forgiveness (Day 8)
We often don’t realize just how much we’re held back by the pain, anger, grudges and resentment that we hold. By choosing to hold a grudge, we create a prison that keeps us trapped in those negative feelings.
Count Your Blessings (Day 25)
Amazing things happen when you start to count your blessings. It's so difficult to be angry and unforgiving when you see everything that is good in your life.
7 Ways That You Can Change the World
Many have dreams of making big changes in the world. The truth is that our little actions are what make the difference.
Gratitude Can Help You Forgive (Day 18)
When we spend time taking note of everything for which we are grateful, and we consciously express that gratitude, our entire manner of thinking starts to shift.