Faith on Just Plain Living

Talk It Out (Day 23)
Often – not always, but often – misunderstandings are at the root of our anger and pain. Sometimes we are just having difficulty understanding and seeing their point of view. Sometimes we feel misunderstood and ignored.
What Is Forgiveness? (Day 2)
Define your terms - I say this all the time because it's so important before you start something new. Before we can understand and implement forgiveness, we must agree on a definition. What IS forgiveness?
This Is What Forgiveness Is Really About (Day 14)
So exactly who is forgiveness all about? Well, it’s not about THEM! It’s not about that horrible boss, or your ex-spouse, or your abusive parents.
Why I Am Having an Easter Egg Hunt This Year
There are no Easter bunnies in the Bible, and no record of children painting eggs or hunting for baskets of goodies. But it's still suitable for a Bible-believing Christian household!
Forgiveness Really Can Be A Daily Choice (Day 20)
Forgiveness is a matter of habit, as strange as that might sound. You need to practice it daily and consciously for it to become an ingrained, habitual part of your life.
Prayer Can Help You Forgive (Day 21)
Both prayer and meditation, especially when used together, can clear your mind and focus your thoughts. Those who make these a regular part of their lives have better health and more happiness.
When Forgiveness Gives You A False Sense Of Power (Day 7)
There’s an interesting thing that happens when we forgive for the wrong reasons. It’s not good, but the reaction, the story we tell ourselves, is common.
Forgiveness Is A Process (Day 13)
Forgiveness starts as a decision, but it's a process. Learning to forgive can take a long time and a lot of tears and work. But it's worth it.
Be At Peace With All – The Power of Asking Forgiveness
For those who may not know, Christians are admonished to “inasmuch as it is possible, be at peace with all”
Why Do Mennonites Dress Like That?
One of the most defining – and obvious – characteristics of Plain people is their clothing. Mennonite modest clothing is immediately recognizable, . Let’s answer the question – why do the Mennonites dress like that?
Why Forgiveness Is So Important (Day 4 of 30 Days to Forgiveness)
When we forgive, a self-built prison of anger and pain comes down and we move on with our lives. But what happens when we ignore forgiveness? When we hold onto anger, hurt, grudges and feelings of revenge, it prevents us from moving on. That means that end up feeling stuck and trapped in the anger.
Don’t Go To Sleep Angry (Day 22)
The secret to a good marriage - and a good life - is to never go to sleep angry. But that's easier said than done!
Christian Pacifism – Turn The Other Cheek
Christian pacifism is the belief that any form of violence is incompatible with Christian faith. The phrase 'turn the other cheek' really, honestly means that if someone strikes you on one cheek, you are to offer them the other cheek to strike, without any resistance.
Be Kind Instead Of Right (Day 26)
Too many misunderstandings and problems happen when we insist on being right instead of being kind.
Gelassenheit – The Art of Peace Of The Soul
Gelassenheit is a strange German word with a powerful spiritual message about peace.
Practice Makes Perfect (Day 24)
Like everything else in life, practice makes perfect when it comes to forgiveness. Even when you think you have it all under control, something will come up and you will need to practice again!
7 Ways That You Can Change the World
Many have dreams of making big changes in the world. The truth is that our little actions are what make the difference.
Yes, You Can Have a Christ-Centered Christmas
A Christ-centered Christmas is possible. Let us begin with that, eliminate what takes us away from that and include what brings us toward that. Are you ready?
Gratitude Can Help You Forgive (Day 18)
When we spend time taking note of everything for which we are grateful, and we consciously express that gratitude, our entire manner of thinking starts to shift.
Pain Never Cancels Out Pain (Day 11)
Misunderstandings, differences, and sometimes malice, we are hurt by people we love dearly and by those we barely know, but paying back hurt with hurt never helps anyone.