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Food Storage and Allergies
Yes, you can certainly do food storage with allergies. It just takes some planning.
The Difference Between Canning High and Low Acid Foods – and why it matters
High acid foods and low acid foods are canned differently. But it's easy to know which is which.
Canning Basics: Types of Canning
There are TWO - and just two - safe methods of home canning food. That is, pressure canning and boiling water bath canning. Both have their uses.
Get Started with Composting
Some simple supplies will make it much easier and more enjoyable when you start creating your own compost.
Dealing with Pests in an Organic Garden
The biggest problem organic gardeners face is dealing with pests. An infestation of aphids or cutworms can absolutely devastate a[...]
4 Reasons Not to Weed the Garden
There’s no fool-proof way to stop all the weeds from getting into your garden — but do you really want to?
Frugal Holiday Meals
No matter what holiday we're talking about - from Thanksgiving to Christmas to Easter (or whatever other holidays your family celebrates) - an abundant celebration need not stretch your budget beyond its breaking point.
Summertime Berry Salad with Vinaigrette
Summertime Berry Salad with Fresh Raspberry Vinaigrette - light, refreshing, seasonal way to cool off in the summer heat
7 Health Food Fakers You Should Never (or Rarely) Eat
Have you fallen for the illusion of healthy foods? Marketing works, and it seems that many of us are quick to grab for labels that say low-fat, fat-free, no trans fat, gluten-free, all-natural, organic, etc.
Heirloom and Hybrid Plants – What’s the Difference?
What is the difference between hybrid and heirloom plants? Do they matter? Take a moment to understand these important terms.
10 Common Herbs You Should Know and Use
Using these 10 common herbs in cooking - fresh or dried - increases the flavour and taste of your food and often improves the visual appeal.
Gardening for Your Mental Health
You already know that gardening provides several benefits, right? Have you ever thought about all of them? If you think[...]
Discovering Salad Bowls (they’re maybe not what you think)
Have you discovered salad bowls yet? They are the most amazing idea – a bit of square foot gardening, a[...]
Chicken Stuffed with Bacon and Goat Cheese
Chicken breasts stuffed with goat cheese and bacon - gluten-free, easy enough for a family dinner but fancy enough for company.
Homemade Canned Baked Beans
Canned baked beans are one of those ultimate convenience foods. But homemade canned beans are less expensive, tastier and far more adaptable.
Making Vanilla Extract
You can make your own vanilla extract! It's easy to do at home.
7 EASY Things To Do With Rhubarb (besides give it away)
Whether you buy them, are given them, or you have a monster rhubarb patch, what do you DO with all of that rhubarb?
Getting Started with Fermented Foods
Before you waste money on kits and fermented foods you have never tried, and definitely before you leap with both feet into fermentation of your own foods, take a few moments and consider these fermented foods instead.
3 Reasons to Grow Your Own Salad Vegetables
You know you should be eating more leafy greens, but who wants to chance e.coli or other nasty bacteria from those bags of lettuce at the store. Grow your own!
Pantry Staples for a Homemade Household
A homemade household - that is, one in which all or most of the foods are made from scratch - needs a certain base of pantry staples. Save time and save money by having a pantry with the foods that you need.