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Energy Hogs In Your Home
There are energy hogs in your home and they have control of your power bill. Here are some ways to get them under control
Automatic Negative Thoughts and Stopping Them
Thoughts have tremendous power. Automatic negative thoughts ruin your life and relationships, but they can be controlled to limit their power.
Common Myths About … Head Lice
There are so many myths out there about head lice. You probably know (or believe) some of these.
Dealing With Freeloaders
When does generosity and help cross the line into being taken advantage of? When can we realize we are dealing with a freeloader?
Time to Start Aging Backwards
Aging backwards is a nice thought but impossible. Still, there are a few simple ways we can slow the effects of aging on our bodies.
How To Manage Survival Mode
Life is great, everything is running along smoothly, and you’re on top of the world. And then, without any warning,[...]
How To Eat A Healthy, Local, And Seasonal Diet
Is a seasonal, locavore diet possible? It will look different for all of us, since local and regional availability for food varies.
Are You An Angry Mom?
Let’s put it very bluntly – Plain folk do not yell. I have never heard any of my Plain Mennonite[...]
Depression – It’s A Thing
Mild depression can often be managed with self-help. Here are some tips that may help you feel better. Of course, if it worsens, seek medical help.
16 Empowering Beliefs To Live By
The greatest skill you can have, for a sustainable, self-reliant life, is a strong sense of your own power.
Organic or Processed Junk? Is it really that simple?
Low income people can't eat healthy because it's 'all organic or purely junk' - isn't there a way to compromise? How about focusing on teaching people to cook?
The Big Move and What It Means to My Readers
Think God doesn't answer prayers? Behave as though you have it. Praise God as though you have it.
Surviving the Dark Days of Winter
By February, dealing with the dark days of winter gets old. By early March, you’ve been battling the cold for four months & may have a month or more to go.
9 Ways to Boost Your Immune System
Your immune system is vital to how your body functions. It is easier to take care of it now than to repair it after your immune system has failed.
10 Reasons to Drink More Water (and how to do just that)
How do I drink more water? That ranks up there with how much water should I drink? Find out and challenge yourself to get hydrated and healthy.
Off Grid and Technology
A lot of people think that “the Grid” means the interaction between human beings in our society. If that were the case, then going off grid is a ridiculous concept. Who wants to live in complete isolation from all other people?
Slow Down and Look Around
Are you in a hurry? Many of us are these days. We're so busy, busy, busy, rushing through life that[...]
How Eco-Friendly Are You?
Do you believe you are earth conscious? How about taking a quick eco-friendly test? Of course, you are out there[...]
How to Manage Major Life Changes
Life requires you to be able to shift from one situation, relationship, or career to another. These shifts, or transitions, can be quite disconcerting and even challenging at times.
6 Ways To Silence Your Inner Critic
You are your own worst critic! Here are 6 ways to calm that negative voice in your head!