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Lifestyle Creep – What it is and how to avoid it
Lifestyle creep ... it's so easy for that pay raise to disappear in lifestyle upgrades. Some might improve your quality of life, but do they all?
26 Ways to Prepare for a Low Energy World
The good news is that there are many changes which will improve your life, your health and your mental well being - even while you are learning to use fewer resources, increasing your self-reliance in the face of disaster and leaving a small footprint.
Diatomaceous earth A Bug Killer You Can Eat
Diatomaceaous earth - the perfect choice for insect control when you have animals or small children. Completely harmless for people and animals, but deadly for insects
Pregnancy and Childbirth – A Preparedness Primer
Do you have systems to deal with would happen if we had to return to pregnancy and childbirth the way our great-grandmother experienced it?
Pet Disaster Plan and Bug Out Bag
Keep your pets safe in an emergency. #Prepping is for animals, too! Free printable supply list.
The Problem of Low Gas Prices
Gas prices are dropping, dropping, dropping ... and we're supposed to be very happy, aren't we? Are you shocked, wondering[...]
Why I Love Homesteading (And You Should Too)
A guest post outlining some benefits to homesteading.
What Can Money Buy?
Money has no value in and of itself. It can not feed, shelter or clothe you. There are only four things money can buy.
DIY Fixing Broken Flashlight Glass
Fixing a broken flashlight glass might seem a bit old school, but the fact is most preppers and homesteaders have at least a few of these around the house.
9 Ways Plain Mennonites Save Money
Plain Mennonites rely on some very old-fashioned skills and practices to make their money stretch. These skills and practices are available to pretty much all of us.
Defining Homesteading
Defining homesteading isn't easy. This modern movement with an old-fashioned name has changed over the years
Bug Out Bags for All Ages
What's in your bug out bag? If you need to leave the house with five minutes' notice, there must be a bag packed and ready to go. Start putting together yours today.
When The Power Goes Out
The possibility of power outages, both short and long-term, is very real. Not only are they caused by weather and ordinary problems, but the threat of long-term power outages caused by terrorist action are increasingly likely.
When The Gas Tanks Are Empty
The gas station says “OUT OF GAS”. They're empty of gas and there is no delivery expected soon.  Nightmare or reality?
What To Do When The Plumbing Fails
At some point, the faucets are dry and the toilet won't flush. Whether it's a backed up septic system or a problem with the water main, it happens. What to do?
How To Survive The Stock Market Crash
Have you been following the stock market woes? No? Perhaps you have noticed rising food prices and the cost of[...]
How To Be An Apartment Homesteader
Apartment homesteading is possible. Homesteading is about taking control of your food, the energy you use, the resources that you employ, and pursuing self-sufficiency.
The Sustainable, Self-Sufficient Economy of Homesteading
You have been creating a lifestyle of self-sufficiency, increasing your reliance and skills in order to thrive in all circumstances. You have skills and you have resources … and you have a job.
How did we wash dishes without dish soap?
How did people wash dishes before dish soap? Soap is a good thing to take dirt from our hands and clothes, it's a very nasty thing to eat
Oh, Poo! A Review of BTS-33 Composting Toilet
A composting toilet seems like the very best answer to off grid living. Are they really? An honest - and graphic - review of our experiences with a waterless composting toilet in our off grid home.