A Cabin Full of Food: The Homesteading Cookbook

Written for homesteaders by a homesteader:
  • Using common North American foods. All ingredients are grown throughout North America or are easily shipped and stored. 
  • Flexible. Not all recipes need precise ingredients. Sometimes a recipe calling for '1 pound cubed meat' or '1/2 cup cooked grain' is what you need.
  • Nearly 1000 recipes. I believe in delivering value. This book is massive. Over 300 pages, it measures 8 1/2x11". No pictures so that I could cram in more recipes.

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Marie Beausoleil, Just Plain Living

Homesteaders and preppers love this cookbook!

In the Book, You Will Discover:


No one should have to plan a grocery trip just to cook dinner! Even when you think the cupboard is bare, you'll find something in this book to make a tasty meal.


Grandma knew how to make a little money go a long way, largely because she knew how to cook frugal, fill-your-belly meals with what she could grow and buy locally. And so can you.

About the Author: Marie Beausoleil

When I started homesteading - pursuing a sustainable, self-reliant life, I looked for a recipe book that would help me home-preserve locally grown, seasonable food, fill my pantry and most importantly, use what I had stored.

I couldn't find one - so I wrote it!​