Garage storage can mean the difference between a useful garage and one so cluttered that you can’t fit your car in.

The new house has a garage!

For many of us, that’s sometimes what tips the balance in favour of one house or another. We were certainly thrilled when the house that I fell in love with also had a nice garage.

But how long does it take for the garage to get so overcrowded with stuff that you can’t even fit a car in it?

Garage storage can mean the difference between a useful garage and one so cluttered that you can't fit your car in. #organization

After all, it’s a great place to put the chairs that are too good to toss out, the fridge you only use when you’re having a party, that scratched table that’s waiting to go to the thrift store, the wheelchair you picked up when the eldest had a broken leg, the lawnmower and snowblower and ….

So how do you get things under control? Well, we lived for three years in an eight hundred square foot cabin (two adults and four children!), so I know a few things about making a small space live larger. Now let’s see how to apply it to the mess of the garage.

Turns out there are plenty of garage storage tools that can help you clean that all up.

Get your garage organized

Not mine! LOL But the scary thing is that I’ve seen garages that are in worse shape than this

Shelves for Garage Storage

Attaching shelves to the walls of the garage can increase your storage space.

There are also stand-alone shelving units that are perfect in the garage.  They are heavy-duty plastic or metal and can hold the heavier items that are often found in the garage, such as tools and sports equipment.

Overhead garage storage

I love these! We installed them in our cabin’s bedrooms because we didn’t have a lot of floor space and it worked well.

Overhead storage is a great way to get things put away that you don’t need as often, such as suitcases or holiday decorations.  If you don’t want to build permanent shelves, there are hanging shelf units that can attach to the rafters and provide a great storage area.

Overhead garage storage

Pegboard for Tool Storage

Pegboard, slotboard or slatwall are perfect options in the garage. The pegboard itself (which isn’t always board – it can be sturdy metal) isn’t very expensive … and it’s fun.

Pegboard is so useful - can be wood or metal

Honestly – it’s almost like building blocks for adults – there are so many accessories that you can make your pegboard wall look like anything.

You want baskets? You can have baskets.

Baskets for pegboard

Maybe you want to hang your garden tools? You can do that, too.

Hang your tools

They can have hooks and baskets for almost any purpose you think up.  If I ever redesign my kitchen, I’m adding a pegboard wall.

Tool hangers

Even if you’re not putting them on your pegboard, you need a way to get long handled tools off the ground. We’ve all seen cartoons where someone steps on a rake and hits themselves in the face. Well, that’s about the least that can happen when sharp tools are lying around on the ground.

Another way to hang tools

Get yourself a hanging system for tools. (And then get another one for inside your broom closet.)

I like the roller versions that grab the handles and hold them in place, but you can also get standard hooks that hold your tools with the handles hanging down.

Whatever you do, get the tools off the ground.

Get Bikes Off the Ground

First we had a tricycle … and then a mountain bike and a trike … and then suddenly it seemed like the bicycle population exploded and we have two ten speeds, two mountain bikes and a couple of tricycles. Next time I blink, we’ll have a family of ten speeds living in the garage.

Okay, it wasn’t sudden, but it did feel like it happened overnight. (While we’re there, who are all these kids and why are they asking me for food?)

Get your bicycles off the groundI hate trying to get a bike out only to have to pull it from a mountain of bicycles. Pedals and handles get stuck in wheels, and things get bent and broken. Considering how expensive a new bicycle is, I’d like to keep ours good as long as possible. Get them off the floor.

Sports storage

If you have a family involved with sports, there are always balls lying around, as well as shoes and other gear.  Instead of tripping on them, the garage is a great place to store them.  There are specially designed holders for sports equipment.

Organize your sports items

Garage Cabinets

Cabinets with a work surface are perfect for the garage.  You can close the doors and hide any possible clutter.  You also have a work area for projects that are too messy or noisy for the house.  Many of the cabinets also come with locks – not only to protect your tools, but also to keep small children safe.

Garage cabinet storage

Get Rid of It!

Okay, this isn’t intended to be mean, but you know who you are. I’m looking at you.

If you’ve put up shelves and hanging storage, a pegboard for your tools, and you’ve sorted and corralled and you still can’t find enough room in your garage to swing a cat … it’s time to start decluttering and get rid of some things. If you haven’t got around to using it, repairing it, buying that replacement part for it, or deciding what to do with it, and it’s been taken up precious space for years, pack it up and take it to your favourite thrift store.

Your hoarded junk might be just what someone else desperately needs.

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