Relationship Posts on Just Plain Living

Take Responsibility For Your Own Part (Day 27)
Seeing the situation from the other’s perspective can help us understand when we might not have a monopoly on being right.
Don’t Go To Sleep Angry (Day 22)
The secret to a good marriage - and a good life - is to never go to sleep angry. But that's easier said than done!
Practice Makes Perfect (Day 24)
Like everything else in life, practice makes perfect when it comes to forgiveness. Even when you think you have it all under control, something will come up and you will need to practice again!
Be Kind Instead Of Right (Day 26)
Too many misunderstandings and problems happen when we insist on being right instead of being kind.
Face the Pain to Let Go (Day 15)
It is important to face our pain and hurts and fully understand what we must forgive before we can continue on the journey.
Don’t You Think It’s Time To Take Back Control? (Day 9)
Forgiveness means taking control of your own future and destiny – or more importantly, removing that control from someone who may not even realize that they are controlling you.
Forgiveness Really Can Be A Daily Choice (Day 20)
Forgiveness is a matter of habit, as strange as that might sound. You need to practice it daily and consciously for it to become an ingrained, habitual part of your life.
Starting The Process Of Forgiveness (Day 16)
Now that you understand the basics, it's time to start the process of forgiveness
Learn To Live In The Present (Day 29)
The past happens, and it has effects, but happiness comes from living in the present.
Why Forgiveness Is A Choice You Make Every Day (Day 1)
Most people have very little actual understanding of what forgiveness is, why it should be part of your daily life, and who exactly forgiveness benefits.
Forgiveness Is a Decision (Day 12)
Forgiveness is a decision, a choice that we must make daily. It is not an emotion, even though it does an affect on our emotions.
Talk It Out (Day 23)
Often – not always, but often – misunderstandings are at the root of our anger and pain. Sometimes we are just having difficulty understanding and seeing their point of view. Sometimes we feel misunderstood and ignored.
Forgiveness Is A Process (Day 13)
Forgiveness starts as a decision, but it's a process. Learning to forgive can take a long time and a lot of tears and work. But it's worth it.
Treat Them Like Adults
So many women complain that their husbands are "just another child to take care". Guess whose fault that is?
Opening A Dialog About Your Anger And Pain (Day 19)
Venting can be a great way to let off a little steam and release some of your pressure. It gives you room for rational thought and more positive feelings.
The Freeing Feeling Of Forgiveness (Day 8)
We often don’t realize just how much we’re held back by the pain, anger, grudges and resentment that we hold. By choosing to hold a grudge, we create a prison that keeps us trapped in those negative feelings.
Journaling Your Forgiveness Journey (Day 17)
One great tool as you move along the path to forgiveness is a journal. The format is far less important than the content, though.
What Forgiveness Isn’t (Day 3)
Many people don't forgive because they think forgiveness is something it's not. The other side of defining your terms! What forgiveness is NOT!
The Connection Between Forgiveness & Depression (Day 6)
Forgiveness and depression - when we steadfastly choose not to forgive, we put not only our mental health at risk but also that of those around us.
How to Recognize an Abusive Relationship
Here in Canada, there were 88,000 reported cases of domestic violence in 2013. Canadian police say only about 1/3 are reported.