If I recommend it, you can find it here!


Food Dehydrator – Since I live in a damp, dark, cool province, sun drying isn’t possible for me. Food dehydrators are priced anywhere from a budget-priced Nesco that works better than you’d think for that price (I have owned one) to the very amazing (but very expensive) Excalibur that doubles as a yogurt incubator, bread proofer and much more.

Blog Related

Here are the tools I use to run my blog, and which I am more than happy to recommend to you.

Coschedule – I would lost without my Scheduler-of-all-the-things. Blog stuff, family stuff – it all goes in here!

Books that I Love

A Cabin Full of Food – Of course I have to recommend my own cookbook – the ultimate food storage cookbook.

The Made From Scratch Life – This book from the amazing Melissa K Norris is one of those that I wished I had written. But I didn’t, she did, and you should read it.

The Complete Guide to Using, Laundering and Sewing Reusable Cloth – If you’re looking to get started with reusable cloth products, you definitely need this book.