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Now that you understand the basics, it’s time to start the process of forgiveness

Let’s recap! And then, once we’ve gone over what we’ve done so far, we’re going to get really serious about starting this process of forgiveness.

Welcome to Day Sixteen of 30 Days to Forgiveness! Forgiveness Is a Daily Choice is the first post!

We’ve talked about making the decision to forgive, and you know that it’s a process that can take some time.

Now that you understand the basics, it's time to start the process of forgiveness

You know how important it is, and hopefully you understand that you need some help to get through this. It’s going to be difficult and painful, and you will need prayer as well as the support of loved ones or a trained counselor.

You have accepted that you need to feel the pain and acknowledge the anger, and this is the moment when the forgives process starts. No more stewing and vague mutterings that reflect a hidden core of hurt that is affecting your life.

You are worth more than that and, while maybe you don’t really know it deeply, you’re starting to accept it.

You, my friend, are a child of God, and Christ died for you.

You are worth too much to let your life be consumed by these unhealthy grudges.

You have decided that you don’t have room in your life for that pain and anger. They are holding you back from experiencing the fullness of your life – as a parent, friend, spouse and yes, as a Christian! The negative, nasty feelings have to go so that you have room for more joy and happiness.

What an amazing place you’re at right now.

Just stop for a moment and realize how far you’ve come and how wonderful this is. Angels are dancing in Heaven at the spiritual growth that you’re showing, rejoicing that you are letting go of the things that block you from joy.

Don’t scoff – I am positive that there is a party in heavenly places when we grow like this.

What’s next?

Well, as I said before, even when we decide to lay our burdens at the Cross, we have a really bad habit of sneaking back and picking them up. We are certainly creatures of habit, but the good news is that we can craft new habits. (Hey, I wrote a post on creating new habits)

Of course crafting new habits, building new thought patterns, takes time, and that’s why I’m taking such a very long time to focus on forgiveness.

Your job going forward is to focus on leaving that burden of shame and guilt, pain and anger, right where it belongs. You haven’t done a very good job of dealing with up to this point, have you?

So it’s time to leave it at the Cross and move on. I am giving you a plan, a blueprint if you will, for changing your old thoughts and behaviors, and there are plenty of action tips along the way, but you and you alone are responsible for putting them into action.

Sit for a moment and think about what it takes to keep you going, to help you remember to stick it out and forgive every day?

Some options I like are:

Daily affirmations and Bible verses (my readers know I love affirmations!)

Prayer (which includes meditative prayer)


Speaking to a priest or pastor

Sessions with a trained therapist

Reading books about forgiveness and love

While this is a journey you need to make on your own, you aren’t really alone. Your loved ones want you to feel peaceful and happy, so be sure to talk with them and ask them to become part of your support system.

It’s important to realize that you’re not alone on this journey.

Your loved ones want you to feel better and increase your happiness. Talk to them about this challenge and what you’re doing. I’m sure they will gladly become an integral part of your support system.

If you want some extra support, leave a comment down below – be sure to tag me @justplainmarie and select the ‘Also post to Facebook’ option.

Check in daily to remind yourself to continue to work on forgiveness. Share your struggles and your successes. We are a friendly bunch and always happy to cheer you on and help you along in any way we can.

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