Have a zero waste Easter party this year and celebrate new life, renewal, and hope without harming the environment.

The looks I get when I tell people that I grew up without ever attending an Easter egg hunt!

In fact, although we all knew about the Easter bunny and that he supposedly brought the basket of goodies, his presence was quite minimal in our home.

Have a zero waste Easter party this year and celebrate new life, renewal, and hope without harming the environment. #easter #zerowaste #ecofriendly #earthfriendly

Easter was a new dress – and a new bonnet that I never wore after that day.

Easter was fun little gifts like trinkets and small toys that fit in the basket.

Easter was an assurance that spring was coming, that things were getting better, even if we were still digging ourselves out of snow drifts.

Now times have changed – no one buys me a bonnet for Easter, and I do organize a Christian Easter Egg Hunt for my children – but some things never change.

Easter is still a time of celebration and renewal. It was one of the first celebrations recognized in the early church, and it remains the most important day in the Christian calendar. These days, as we are increasingly aware of the damage we can do to the earth, it’s also a great time to celebrate earth friendly practices.

If you’re throwing a party, you can make it a green one by having a zero waste Easter party. Here’s how.

A Zero Waste Easter Party – Some Ideas

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Electronic Invitations

Although it’s fun to receive a paper invitation or card in the mail, they are becoming rare. More and more people are replacing them with electronic invitations. This is a good thing! Yes, paper cards and invitations are pretty, but they’re expensive and so very wasteful.

It’s not like twenty years ago when the electronic cards sent a photo and note and that was all. Services like eVite do it all for you. They keep track of who RSVP’d and it offers ways for people to communicate and ask questions about the party.

Maybe you’re organized enough to keep track of all of that, but I know I’m not!

Electronic invitations don’t require paper or ink or postage, which can save you a lot of money.

Great Aunt Maggy needs an invitation but she doesn’t have a computer? Consider giving her a call or dropping off a hand written note. It’ll still be a lot less paper and waste.

Compostable, Recycled or Reusable Party Ware

Gone are the days when the plates were made of styrofoam and the glasses were that weird, easily cracked plastic. You can now get really nice party ware and decorations that are not only made recycled materials, but they can usually be composted when you’re done.

Amazon has a wide range of compostable dishes like the Earth’s Natural Alternative line:

Another option is to use your own dishes or hit up the thrift store to make up a fun mismatched set. I talked about that before – setting a table that feels luxurious when you don’t have a lot of money.

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And if you’re hosting a really big party, think about renting dishes.


It’s spring! Well, for most people it is. Here in Canada, we’re usually just wishing for spring weather by Easter, but we’re still eager for signs of nature’s awakening.

If you’re decorating for an Easter party, go natural! Use naturally dyed eggs, real grass (even if you need to sprout it indoors!), and twig branch baskets.

Cut flowers in vases are a wonderful touch. I can find inexpensive seasonal flowers at our grocery store.

There are ways to make Easter baskets without using plastic and items like that. You could make an Easter basket from natural materials and use it year after year. Shred paper from your recycling bin and perhaps use vegetable dyes on them. Beet juice makes a beautiful pink colour.

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Instead of cooking everything yourself or getting takeout, consider doing a potluck – ask attendees to each contribute a dish to the party.

It means there’s less work for you and everyone feels as if they’ve contributed to the festivities. Let them know you’re having a zero waste party so they can be sure to bring food in recyclable or reusable containers.

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Compost leftovers

Composting is a great way to make use of leftovers and you can use the compost to help indoor and outdoor plants thrive.

Play games

Games are part of a fun party. Easter egg hunts with real eggs instead of plastic ones are a zero waste game. Charades and scavenger hunts also have zero waste.

Natural, Earth Friendly, Crafts

In addition to using games to keep children occupied consider having an earth friendly craft for kids to do.

One example might be for children to decorate a well-washed food tin that you saved. Just make sure to use a can opener that leaves smooth edges.

You can have seedlings, potting soil and paint on hand.

They can decorate the can, choose their plant and take it home. It’s a zero waste craft and a nice treat to take home from the party.

Recycle anything that cannot be reused

For example, if you purchase soda or juice for your zero waste Easter party, recycle the containers. Or you can use them to create compost scoops, bird feeders, or planters. You can save a few of the soda cans and make emergency stoves to set aside for emergencies or to give as gifts.

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Easter is a great time to renew your commitment to being environmentally conscious.

When you throw a zero waste Easter party you’re not only doing something nice for the planet you’re also getting others involved in the cause. You’re setting a good example for your own family and others. If everyone does their small part it makes a huge difference.

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