They’re at the door! Jaws dropping off their half-rotted faces, black fingers scratching at your window screen – the zombies have risen and are coming. They’re not remaking Rise of the Zombies in your neighbourhood. It’s the real thing.

Laugh if you want, but keep reading. You can thank me later, when the apocalypse has come and gone – assuming you’re still alive!

What are you going to need to do before they rise up so that you can get through this frightening invasion of the undead?

First, you need to make the decision to get ready. You could go all Shawn of the Dead, but next thing you know, you’re going to have to shoot your mother. Let’s do what we can now so we don’t have to shoot our zombie mothers.

What You Need to Prepare

Zombies at the door require pretty much the same supplies as a monster snow storm.

First, you need your emergency kit – that has your food, water, and other basic supplies that can get you through the first couple of days. After that you should have made contact with a good shelter or refuge camp that is zombie-proof.

You need that kit, though, to keep you alive until you reach the evacuation shelter.


Next to air, this is the most important part of human survival. You can last 2 days at most without drinking water before you become severely dehydrated and need medical attention. (The rule of 3/3/3 – 3 minutes without air, 3 days without water, 3 weeks without food – refers to how long until you die. Don’t push your luck on that.)

One gallon (four liters) of water PER person PER day. That’s the amount of water you need on hand to ensure safety and avoid dehydration.

Surviving the zombies but dying of thirst – that would be really awful.


Next to water, food is vital.

As I said, you can last three weeks without food and then you’ll die. And to be really honest, you’ll be no good to anyone long before that. People get cannibalistic long before they reach three weeks.

When the zombies are looking safer than your roommates, you’ll realize that you should have built up a pantry full of stored food for times like this.

Make sure that it contains plenty of food that can be eaten without preparation, and definitely have a manual can opener.

It’s such a simple thing, but it will keep you alive in a pantry full of canned food. Don’t die because you forgot to pack a manual can opener.

Medical Kit

There’s a lot that you should have in this. Since I’m not keen on filling my body up with harsh pharmaceuticals and become a zombie myself, I tend to favour natural remedies when I can. Stock your natural first aid kit and have it ready. Of course, if you have prescription medication that keeps you alive and in fit fighting shape, you need to keep a supply of that on hand, too.

Zombies outside the front door means you can’t get to the pharmacy, and they probably won’t deliver.

Prepping for the Zombie Apocalypse. What do you need to prepare and do before it happens?


Try not to get carried away with this … says the woman who is always getting carried away with this. This all-purpose supply bag should contain duct tape, a utility knife, a radio that runs on batteries or can be hand cranked, a set of small screw drivers, a small tool kit …..

There are a lot of handy little things that can go in that bag.


Yes, the zombies are outside and they smell terrible, but that doesn’t mean you need to let go of hygiene inside your house. And as you’re heading for the refugee camp … well, are they really going to let you in if you look and smell like a zombie?

What do you need to have on hand so that you and your family can stay sweet smelling and healthy? Some wipes, toilet paper, perhaps some dry shampoo …


Of course you should already have bedding materials in the house, but do you have what you need once you leave? Everyone in the family needs clothes and blankets – or a good sleeping bag – for sleeping and resting. Prepare ahead and get one that is lightweight and easy to carry.


Your emergency kit should contain all of your family’s important documentation – passport, driver’s licenses, birth certificates. You will also want a list of everyone’s medical history and issues.

What You Need to Do

You have your emergency kit! That’s a great start. Now you need to gather up everyone who lives in your house and come up with an emergency plan.

Don’t worry – it’s not hard.

It’s about the same as preparing for any natural disaster, like an incoming tornado …. only less natural.

Take Count of Emergencies

The zombies are coming – but you might also have to deal with tornadoes, floods, or earthquakes. What OTHER emergencies might you have to deal with while the zombies are attacking?

Here in Nova Scotia, I probably don’t need to worry about North Korea dropping nukes on us, but flooding, tornadoes and winter blizzards are a real possibility.

A zombie attack when we have three feet of fresh snow would be awful – do you think zombies are bothered by the cold?

Find a Suitable Meeting Point

If zombies attack your home and actually make their way inside, you’ll need to get out fast and go … where?

Find a good meeting place for your family to regroup. Two, in fact!

One spot should be close to the house for sudden emergencies and one should be outside your immediate area in case you can’t return home right away.

Make Lists

Lists are your friends!

Make sure you have a list of all emergency contacts including:

  • police station,
  • fire department
  • zombie response team
  • hospital
  • out of area family members

Plan an Exit Route

You can’t really shelter in place when zombies attack. They’re tireless and will chase you down until they get food.

And we all know what zombies eat.

Because of that, you’ll need to evacuate the area as soon as possible and find the nearest refugee camp that has room. (Just make sure you’re clean, and that you don’t look or smell like a zombie, or they might not let you in at all.)

You need to plan for two exit routes out of your area, at the very minimum. You will want to know the shortest and quickest route, but you will also want to figure out the safest route, preferably avoiding inhabited areas.

Of course this will also be useful if during natural disasters when finding safe shelter becomes a priority.Just Plain Living

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